Susie Williams

The Twisted Rope and other short stories

This book contains five short stories:
The Twisted Rope
Dai Roberts’ much loved Border Collie Megan has been missing for several days. Matthew comes from London to stay with his grandparents who are Dai’s neighbours. One day he goes exploring on his mother’s old bike and hears the frantic barking of a dog and sees smoke pouring out of a derelict cottage.
On the Drovers’ Trail
This story tells of a passionate love affair at a sheep farm on the Welsh Borders. Ann falls in love with the drover, William Williams and gives birth to his children, Sarah and William. But tragedy lies ahead.
Across the Strings
A young cellist sinks into deep depression after an accident and loses the will to play his cello again. After gaining inspiration from walking in Elgar’s footsteps on the Malvern Hills, and with the encouragement of his wife Susie, he drives himself forward again. But will he achieve his goal of playing in the music festival at Worcester Cathedral?
My Dear Daughter
When widowed Edie has to give up her illegitimate baby for adoption her heart is broken but there are surprising developments ahead with Patsy, the daughter from her marriage to Charlie.
A Little Bit of Magic
The little girl who had told Father Christmas her secret was so disappointed when he didn’t produce the fairy doll she had dreamed of. When she looked closely at what he had given her, she discovered it was magical after all.

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